About Us

Rainbows United, Inc. is a local not-for-profit serving the greater Wichita, Kansas area and neighboring Butler County, enhances the lives of children with special needs and their families by bringing together community resources and providing individualized services.

Beneficiary Background

With humble local beginnings, Rainbows has made a difference for 45 years. From babies to young adults, Rainbows walks alongside parents as they discover their child may need vital therapies and extra help as well as help them think about the future for their child with special needs.

Every summer, Rainbows offers a recreation and leisure day camp program designed for school-age youth. Camp Woodchuck provides a safe, interactive environment that encourages every individual to reach their full potential. From field trips to choir performances to classroom pranks, each child has fun and develops relationships with staff members and peers regardless of their special need. Those with limited mobility or communication and those who need individual attention, assistance, and supervision are enrolled.

Camp Woodchuck is staffed one trained worker to one child in many cases which makes the Camp expensive to provide. Rainbows’ Targeted Case Managers advocate for funding to help cover the cost of attending Camp. For those without funding, less days or hours are provided.

That’s where you can be a Super Hero for a child with special needs!

Be a Hero

• $2,000 allows a child to attend Camp for two weeks
• $1,000 helps a teenager with special needs attend Camp where she gets social interaction with her peers
• $500 makes sure all Camp Woodchuck Campers get a healthy hot lunch and afternoon snack
• $100 helps keep a registered nurse on staff all summer to help with medications and special medical needs
• $50 every month will help with field trip transportation costs

Here’s what parents had to say:

“Rainbows meets a need that is hard to meet otherwise. Families need to have a resource to help them do things. It’s important to have the right structure to be successful.” – Rainbows’ parent

“Thank you so much for your help with Michael and all of the other children. You are heroes to all these children at a time when the world need heroes,” – Michael’s mom.

“As a family with 2 working parents, we don’t know what we’d do without Rainbows.” – Jenna’s Mom

“The kids make friends and look forward to seeing each other at Rainbows,” – Korey’s Mom

“When you are part of Rainbows and you uplift the world, you can’t help be uplifted by that experience. Every time I give of my strength, it forever changes the shape of who I am.” – Linda Weir-Enegren, Founder, Rainbows United, Inc

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It’s in your power to enhance the lives of all our superheroes!