Support our Heroes

Be a Super Hero for a child with special needs

  • $2,000 allows a child to attend Camp for two weeks
  • $1,000 helps a teenager with special needs attend Camp where she gets social interaction with her peers
  • $500 makes sure all Camp Woodchuck Campers get a healthy hot lunch and afternoon snack
  • $100 helps keep a registered nurse on staff all summer to help with medications and special medical needs
  • $50 every month will help with field trip transportation costs
  • Your gift of any amount will make a difference at Camp Woodchuck

About Rainbows

Rainbows United, Inc. a local not-for-profit serving the greater Wichita, Kansas area and neighboring Butler County, enhances the lives of children with special needs and their families by bringing together community resources and providing individualized services.

Support Superhero Project

It’s in your power to enhance the lives of all our superheroes!